Daily Assembly

Here we go, the first blog post on Daily Assembly. It’s just a brief introduction actually. Who are we? We’re a couple of friends who happen to love traveling, fashion, music, and art. What are we going to write about? We will write about whatever we run into in life. That can be great music, new trends in menswear, hotspots for traveling, and all of that.

Worthwhile to read? Well, we think it is! All contributors work in the creative industries and are living Amsterdam. That does not mean you’ll be reading just about our hometown. We love to travel and we’ll make sure to share that on the website as well.

We call our sharing of experiences in life over some coffee our daily assembly. Hope you will appreciate our writings and topics. Any suggestions for us? Feel free to shoot us an email!




Writing an article is sometimes a team effort. Usually, these little creative get-togethers, with the team and often other friends, start with a little chat and some great coffee.